Patrick Melrose

Words by Phoebe Barton 

SHOWRUNNERS Helen Flint, Stephen Smallwood, Claudine Sturdy, Edward Berger (director)

CAST Benedict Cumberbatch, Holliday Grainger, Jessica Raine, Prasanna Puwanarajah

PLOT Based on the novels by Edward St. Aubyn, the show focuses around Patrick Melrose and his struggles in adult life due to his childhood trauma and substance abuse. Continue reading “Patrick Melrose”


Irresistible Corruption

Words by Louise Busfield 

Take a look at some of Sky’s in-house studio dramas that have surfaced your small screens recently. They made not have achieved as much noise as those say from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but they certainly have a knack for attracting hugely successful names and incredible shooting locations. Continue reading “Irresistible Corruption”