Midnight Texas: Season 1

Words by Louise Busfield 

SHOWRUNNERS Monica Owusu-Breen, David Janollari, Niels Arden Oplev, Mark Hentemann

CAST François Arnaud, Arielle Kebbel, Dylan Bruce, Sarah Ramos, Peter Mensah

PLOT Midnight is a safe haven for those who are different, but with the presence of outsiders, the residents band together and form a strong and unlikely family.

Welcome to Midnight, a town full of creatures, where the only people that stick out are the humans. From the author of True Blood, Charlaine Harris, comes Midnight Texas. Staring François Arnaud as Manfred, a powerful and charming psychic who can communicate with the dead.

Midnight Texas - Season Pilot
Pictured left to right: Peter Mensah (Lemuel), Arielle Kebbel (Olivia), Francois Arnaud (Manfred) and Parisa Fitz-Henley (Fiji). Photo: NBC

The series consists of several different creatures, including Bobo, proprietor of Midnight’s local pawnshop, witch Fiji, assassin Olivia, angel Joe, vampire Lemuel, aspiring writer Creek and Reverend, Emilio Sheehan.

We meet Manfred in the first episode, working as a high-end psychic. Something goes wrong and a ghost, who almost murders a client, possesses him. He’s also in bad water with someone named Hightower, who he owes money, so he takes off for Midnight, Texas. The town folks aren’t really happy to see him and top that off with a murder, Manfred begins to realise that there’s much more going on in Midnight than there appears.

Midnight, Texas - Season Pilot
Pictured: Peter Mensah (Lemuel) and his latest victim. Photo: NBC

It’s not their powers that make the characters interesting though, they themselves are interesting and they just happen to have powers, which makes the storyline a lot more exciting than yet another show about the supernatural world.

There are a lot of hidden gems in Midnight Texas, that make you appreciate the creative ideas coming from the showrunners and Harris. Manfred’s tattoos aren’t just drawings etched in skin, each one has meaning – the arrows that go up one arm and down the other are the way he channels energy, which leads to an interesting plot theory in future episodes.

If the popularity of True Blood is something to go by, Midnight Texas will be no different.

Video: Series Trailer MP/YouTube

Midnight Texas airs July 27, Syfy UK.


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